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By Welcome Dentistry
March 01, 2018
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Is your oral hygiene routine helping or hurting your smile? Dentists Dr. Lambert Lee, Dr. Justin Lee and Dr. Christine Hoang of Welcome oral hygieneDentistry in Los Angeles, Tustin, and Anaheim, CA, share a few suggestions that will help you improve your oral hygiene.

Brush Longer

If you're a speedy brusher, you may be leaving plaque behind on your teeth. Plaque, a colorless film, contains bacteria and is a factor in tooth decay. Spend at least two minutes during your morning and evening brushing sessions to ensure that your teeth are plaque free.

Use Gentle Pressure

It doesn't take strong pressure to remove plaque from your teeth. In fact, the harder you press on your teeth with your brush, the more likely that you'll erode your enamel or cause your gums to begin to recede. Enamel erosion increases your cavity risk and can also make your teeth look yellow if the darker dentin layer of your teeth is removed.

Applying gentle strokes with a soft bristle toothbrush is the best way to clean your teeth and prevent damage. Both manual and power brushes are effective at removing plaque. If you have arthritis in your hands or other issues that make it hard to brush, a power brush may be a better option.

Don't Forget About Your Tongue

Even though your teeth feel clean after your brush them, bacteria still lurks in your mouth if you fail to brush your tongue. Unfortunately, the bacteria can find its way on to your teeth just a few minutes after you finish brushing. If you make a point to brush your tongue at the same time you brush your teeth, you'll keep your mouth cleaner. Cleaning your tongue can be accomplished by brushing both sides with your toothbrush or using a tongue scraper.

Floss Daily

Do you only floss if food becomes stuck between your teeth? Although flossing is the best way to remove trapped food particles, it also gets rid of plaque between teeth. If you don't floss every day, plaque can eventually turn into tartar, a hard deposit that causes gum disease.

Protect your smile with good oral hygiene habits and regular visits to Welcome Dentistry. Schedule an appointment by calling (213) 381-2827 for the Los Angeles, CA, office, (714) 838-2875 for the Tustin office or (714) 817-8345 for the Anaheim office.