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By Welcome Dentistry
December 06, 2017
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Do you know the signs that may mean that you need a root canal? The dentists at Welcome Dentistry Group in Anaheim, downtown Los root canalAngeles and Tustin, CA, explain a few signs and symptoms you may experience if your tooth is in danger.

Tooth color changes

A change in the color of your tooth is never a good sign. If you notice that your tooth has darkened or changed color, schedule an appointment in our Anaheim, downtown Los Angeles or Tustin office.

A persistent toothache

Pain in your tooth occurs if your tooth pulp becomes inflamed or infected. In some cases, the pain may go away for a little while, which may cause you to decide that your symptoms aren't serious. Unfortunately, the pain will return and may be more constant or severe this time. Pain in your teeth or mouth should always be evaluated. Whether you need a root canal or filling or have gum disease, treating your symptoms promptly can reduce your risk of complications or extensive dental work.

Pain while eating

An inflammation or infection of your tooth pulp can make eating painful. Using the tooth to bite or chew can trigger the painful sensations, as can exposing it to very hot or cold foods, such as hot coffee or ice cream.

Gum changes

It's not unusual to experience changes in the gum surrounding your tooth if you need a root canal. You may notice that the gum is red, swollen and painful.


A fever and other signs of illness, such as swollen lymph nodes, can occur if you have a dental abscess. The infection is considered a dental emergency because the bacteria inside your tooth can spread to other areas of your body if your illness isn't treated. If you have an abscess, your face may swell on one side, and you might see a little pus around the tooth or a small bump on your gum. You'll need antibiotics and root canal treatment to save your tooth if you develop an abscess.

Have you experienced one or more of these symptoms? Schedule an appointment with the dentists at Welcome Dentistry Group by calling (714) 817-8345 for the Anaheim, CA, office, (213) 381-2827 for the downtown Los Angeles office or (714) 838-2875 for the Tustin office.